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Rusta today

Rusta's business concept

At Rusta, we want our customers to feel welcome, to be inspired and to find shopping with us fun. We make it easy for lots of people to buy high-quality products at the best prices, in both Sweden and Norway. Rusta's business model is based on simple sourcing processes and we cut out costly intermediaries. Rusta also has a broad range with large volumes and efficient logistics and we are our own importer, wholesaler, distributor and retailer.

The drive and down-to-earth approach of our founders, Anders Forsgren and Bengt-Olov Forssell, have made their mark on Rusta's corporate culture ever since the 1980s. The personal commitment of the owners has created strong loyalty among employees across the board. Their entrepreneurship is infectious and it continues to give energy to the employees, wherever they work in the company. Rusta's values are Simplicity, Courage, Commitment and Togetherness. They give us guidance, alongside our vision and mission, and act as a compass in the day-to-day work of Rusta. With the help of our values, we will continue to grow without losing our roots, focus and flexibility.

Financial information

The Rusta group's net sales for the 2014/2015* financial year amounted to SEK 3,591 million, which is an increase of 18 per cent compared with the previous year (SEK 3,035 million). This increase in sales breaks down into an increase of 7 per cent in like-for-like sales, with new stores accounting for 11 per cent of the increase. 

The 2014/2015 financial year was an eventful one for Rusta, which approached the year with an ambitious agenda. Rusta entered onto the Norwegian market in October and this was preceded by the switch to a new business system, which is now fully operational across the entire chain. Both the Norwegian launch and the system switchover were successfully implemented according to plan. The construction of Rusta's new central warehouse in Norrköping was completed during the year and it came into operation in the autumn, securing capacity requirements for many years to come. Rusta has also carried out a complete overhaul of its existing stores throughout Sweden. This means we are now well equipped to respond to continued international expansion. The 2014/15 financial year saw the opening of five new stores in Sweden, as well as six stores in Norway.

*The 2014/2015 financial year covers the period from May 2014 to April 2015.


In 2012, the founders of Rusta, Anders Forsgren and Bengt-Olov Forssell, handed over the running of the company to CEO Göran Westerberg, and the current management team at Rusta is: 

Göran Westerberg – Chief Executive Officer
Jaana Viertola-Truini – Chief Financial Officer
Meta Persdotter – Chief Commercial Officer
Joakim Hammar – Business & Range Manager
Anders Kind – Supply Chain Manager
Mats Malmberg – Quality Manager
Jozef Khasho – HR Manager

Anders Forsgren and Bengt-Olov Forssell are still the majority shareholders of Rusta, just as they have been ever since they founded it in 1986.

Focus on sustainability

Rusta works towards the long-term aim of increasing awareness of social and environmental responsibility, both to ensure the high quality of our products, and at the same time to contribute to a more sustainable society. 

Rusta works hard to ensure that all our suppliers and their employees have good working conditions. We have our own code of conduct that is signed by all our suppliers, and we have our own inspectors in Asia who monitor and verify compliance with the code. The inspectors can make unannounced visits to factories where our products are manufactured. The code of conduct covers issues such as:

• Legal requirements
• Child labour
• Safety
• Employment law issues
• Work environment
• Environment
• Treatment of animals
• Compliance and inspection

Rusta also has clear requirements in terms of the content, design and life span of our products. We do not use any CITES-listed raw materials and we comply with all applicable legislation (such as CE marking, REACH, WEEE and RoHS).

At Rusta, we see sustainability as an ongoing task, where we gradually and tirelessly continue our work on social and environmental issues. We know that together we can make a difference.

Warehousing and logistics

Rusta uses central purchasing direct from the manufacturers and we have our own distribution centres. The hubs of the logistics chain are the distribution centres in Småland, Sweden, and in Hangzhou, China. On a normal day, around 1,300 store pallets are picked at Rusta's warehouse in Sweden. On top of that, 400 private customers have the products they ordered from home picked and distributed. Over 1,000 pallets arrive on trucks from Swedish and European suppliers, while up to 30 containers from Asia are emptied. Rusta's efficient logistics chain is vital for us to be able to offer the best prices. 

Rusta's rapid expansion creates a need for increased logistics capacity. In order to secure future requirements, a couple of years ago Rusta decided to centralise its warehouse operations and build a new warehouse in Norrköping. The new distribution centre came into operation in autumn 2015 and is a modern, efficient and high-tech warehouse covering 65,000 square metres, with some of the area having fully automated high-bay storage. The warehouse will eventually employ around 300 people.

HR and careers at Rusta

Rusta has over 90 stores and more than 1,700 employees spread across six countries. Together, we serve around 75,000 customers every day. We always strive to be an inclusive company and our employees are representative of the wider community in the markets on which we operate. Differences create opportunities, and diversity is a key asset for Rusta's continued development. 

Rusta's business is evolving all the time, as is our range. So working for Rusta is never dull, wherever you work in the organisation – in one of our stores, at our warehouse or at one of our offices. There are great opportunities for you to develop and thrive as a Rusta employee. We have a flat organisational structure and everyone has the opportunity to get involved and influence the shape and development of Rusta. We are looking for colleagues who thrive in a changing environment and who are driven, with high aspirations. Our values here at Rusta are Simplicity, Courage, Commitment and Togetherness; values that act as a guide and a compass in our day-to-day work.