This is Rusta

Rusta helps everyone to create a cosy home for themselves that is fun, exciting and new. With a wide range of seasonal products, furnishings, DIY products, leisure goods and consumables, we have everything you need for the home and home living. Our standard range contains products you will always find at Rusta, and it is constantly updated with exciting new additions for inside and outside the home. We also transform our stores several times a year with attractive seasonal products. Always at surprisingly low prices. We look forward to seeing you!

Home decoration 

Here we have everything you need to easily refresh and replenish your home – small items of furniture, lighting, rugs, textiles and beautiful ornaments. Plus domestic appliances, kitchen utensils, crockery, glass and lots of other things designed to make life easier and your home more comfortable. Base colours are blended with designs and trendy shades that are updated seasonally.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Making your own minor improvements to your home should both be fun and save you money. At Rusta, you'll find high-quality paint, flooring and wallpaper, as well as the tools, equipment and other practical items you need to easily refresh and update your home.


The leisure section is for those with an active lifestyle. This is where you will find sport and fitness products for your workout at home, as well as suitcases and smart accessories. There is also a range for our feathered and four-legged friends, from food to treats and everything in between.


This range has all the things you need for day-to-day life at home. We have beauty and personal care products, both our own brand and top international brands, as well as a wide range of cleaning products, disposable items and gift accessories. This is also where you will find drinks, treats and various healthy options, such as protein bars and smoothies.


In the autumn, we light up the darkness with a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting. In the run-up to Christmas we stock our stores with perhaps the largest selection of advent stars, candle holders, Christmas trees, elves, crafts and fabulous Christmas decorations on the market.


In the spring, our stores are filled with everything you need to transform your garden, balcony and patio into a lovely outdoor space. From furniture and tools to outdoor lighting, cushions, umbrellas and ornaments. Plus beautiful pools, large trampolines and all kinds of barbecues.